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Corporate Law in Kansas City

Kansas City corporate lawyers are good at working with companies and their designated officers and Board of Directors.  Corporate lawyers go in and create legal systems within the overall corporate structure to help provide a strong governance structure to the overall company.  Further, a good business lawyer works to help create the overall corporate structure so that the risk to the company is reduced.  Risk can come from anywhere, both from a regulatory and legal side.

A good corporate attorney works with the Board of Directors and their appointed officers.  Officers serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors, unless the Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation state otherwise. Requirements for the number of votes necessary for removal and whether the removal may be with or withour cause vary by corporation. The Board may terminate an officer at any time, subject only to any rights the officer might have under an employment agreement. An officer may resign at any time, subject to notice or other requirements set forth in an employment agreement.

An officer’s resignation does not affect any contractual obligations of the corporation for documents that were signed by the officer on behalf of the corporation while he or she was an officer. In Kansas City, the law states that the officer’s actions are good even after their resignation.

Corporate officers are the people with day-to-day responsibility for running the corporation, such as the chief executive, chief financial officer and treasurer. A corporate officer is a high-level management official of a corporation or an unincorporated business, hired by the board of directors of a corporation or the owner of a business, such as a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In Kansas City, such officers have the apparent or actual authority to contract or otherwise act on behalf of the corporation or business.

What Do You Do if You Have an Accident in Kansas City?

Do I have to stop if I have an auto accident in Kansas City?

Try to find the owner or driver if you hit a parked car or other property. If you can not, then you are going to have to leave your personal information for them. Remember, the law requires that you leave your information in a conspicuous place (whatever that means), like their windshield. You should also notify the local police or Kansas Highway Patrol.

If the accident caused a death or injury, it’s your responsibility to call the police and also stay around to help out the injured party (but don’t move them). See more below.

You have to stop and stay around if you have an auto or truck accident. The reason for this first is common courtesy – you and the other party need to make sure that you are both fine physically as well as making sure that all damage is taken care of. Also, there are penalties for leaving the scene of the accident. This can include hit-and-run penalties, which can be pretty significant in Kansas City.

What do I need to do is someone gets hurt?

The law actually has some common sense and makes it a requirement that you stay around and provide assistance to someone that gets hurt in a car or truck accident in Kansas City. Obviously, you will want to call 911 and report the accident and get a first responder (i.e., an ambulance) to come out to the scene of the accident.

Many people try and give medical help to those that are hurt. We recommend that you do not do this. Be especially careful not to move a person who cannot move themselves. There is the chance to harm them more if you move them than if you leave them alone.

One good thing you can do is to help prevent any secondary accidents. Try and place some road flares or other notices in the roadway. Be sure not to stand in the road directing traffic yourself. There are lots and lots of reports every year of people getting hurt after an accident because they think that they are “helping.”

How to get help in Kansas City?

Use your cell phone to call 911. You need to tell the operator what happened, which includes the type of wreck and any injuries. Be as detailed as possible given the situation. Also, be sure to try and tell them exactly where you are located. Many highways have markers every 2/10 of a mile, so you can easily walk 1/10 of a mile or less to find the marker. It will save plenty of time for the first responders.

What info do I need to get in Kansas City at the scene of the accident?

You should write down or use your cell phone to take a picture of:

  • The other vehicle’s make, model, year (if possible), color. It is also good to get their license plate number.
  • Get our your driver’s license and your car’s insurance registration. You want to show this to the other driver and it will help you get the same information back from them.
  • Note whether the streetlights were on if the accident happened after the sun has gone down. Be sure to record the exact place, time and date the accident happened.
  • Get the person’s name. Get their address if you can as well as any phone numbers. Have them give you their driver’s license (if they have one).
  • Sometimes, a person gets into a wreck that doesn’t actually own the car. That’s okay. Try and find out the name of the owner of the car. Remember, it’s that person’s insurance company that is responsible for the accident.
  • If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their name and phone number. If they leave the accident without telling you their name, try and take a picture of their license plate with your phone. The police will want that.
  • Try and draw out the accident. Diagram the positions of the vehicles after the accident and try and show where they were before the accident. Try and determine the length between the cars, etc. Mark the positions of any stop signs, crosswalks, street lamps or traffic lights. Use your phone to take pictures of the scene.
  • The other driver’s name, telephone number, insurance information and their driver’s license number.
  • You will want a copy of the accident report. Try and get the responding officer’s name and which office he resides at (it could be the county sheriff or the local police). That way, you can call later and help the office find the police report.
  • Try to identify anybody that was at the scene of the accident, even if they will not give their names. Take down his or her license plate number if someone who saw the accident drives off. Many times, a policeman can go ahead and track down that individual.

There are lots of great attorneys in Kansas City.

What about Divorce Law in Kansas City?

1. Have you thought about the negative consequences of divorce?

It can be hard to understand the true cost of a divorce.  If you have children, there is a lot of emotional support that they are going to need.  This isn’t just for a “week or two,” but instead will be a multiple year process of helping them to adjust to the pain that comes with a divorce.  Remember, they are not emotionally mature enough to fully understand what this means.  Many times, they believe that they are the cause for the divorce – because they internalize the pain.  You will have to provide them with a significant amount of ongoing support.

Further, there is significant pain on your side.  Remember, you were willing to combine your wishes and dreams with another person.  The separation means a loss of those goals and dreams.  You should be willing to take some time to create a strong support group of friends and family to help you through the emotions and stress that this separation will cause.

3. Is your decision to divorce based on emotional reaction or true self awareness?

A divorce can be a very painful process.  In this process, you are going to have to remove yourself from another person completely.  This includes physical separation for sure, but it also requires emotional separation.  So, you need to understand what it really takes to separate emotionally from another person.

You need to understand that you are someone who deserves respect – and so does your spouse.  Once you come to this conclusion, it can make everything much better.

4. Was there even a marriage to begin with?

Unfortunately, there are times when there really isn’t a marriage to begin with.  In these cases, a divorce could be the answer.  There are plenty of couples in Kansas City that just live together – they aren’t really married in the traditional sense.  When this happens, it could be a good idea to seek a great divorce attorney in the Kansas City area.

5. Why do you want a divorce?

Sometimes, people believe that a divorce will help a couple deal with the issues of the day and start treating each other better.  Sometimes your wife or husband will realize that they need to re-engage in the marriage.

We counsel clients to spend the time with a good christian counselor before talking divorce.  This can be a very helpful way for a couple to start thinking about the issues and not going down the path of a divorce.

6. Do you still care for your spouse?

Sometimes, what you really want is to improve your relationship with your spouse.  Many times, people seek a divorce as they believe that this “nuclear option” will help the other side see the problems in the relationship.  However, bringing up the concept of a divorce will inject multiple other emotions into the situation.  There are lots of times when people do this that they understand, later, that they’ve made a mistake and now have to clean up the mess of the emotions of even bringing up a divorce to the other side.